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Aspen Flying Club offers facilities, aircraft, expert training and instruction that is equal or superior to anything found anywhere in the United States.

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Flight Instructors

On behalf of all the instructors at Aspen Flying Club, I'd like to extend a welcome to anyone and everyone who dreams of learning to fly or who wishes to advance their pilot skills. Our staff of Certified Flight Instructors is anxious to help you become a new pilot, add that new rating or help you pursue a serious aviation career.

Let me extend a warm welcome to you! Please call us for a "Discovery Flight" or drop in for a visit or tour. Please feel free to contact any of our fine Instructors by phone or email with your questions or comments. We're ready to serve you.

- Michael Shannon
Chief Instructor

Our Flight Instructors listed in alphabetical order.

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Aviation School | Denver, Colorado | Centennial Airport

Michael Shannon, Aspen Flying Club Chief Instructor

Jeremy Allen
Brian Barnett
Doug Batdorf
Joe Chipman
Luke Christian
Jason Coley
Desiree Edwards
Tom Fowler
Clayton Horney
Mark Kelly
Rob Lawton
Spencer Mamber
Barbara Marx

Nic Morrey
Jon Nafie
Jeremy Peres
Dave Plucker
Michael Shannon
Kevin Shaw
Jay Silvernale
Erik Skjerseth
Danny Smith
Paul Smith
Lance Ward
Jason West
Josh Vanterpool