Spencer Mamber

Meet Spencer "Spence" Mamber

Pilot Certificate:
Airline Transport Pilot - Airplane Single and Multi-Engine Land
Commercial privileges - Rotorcraft Helicopter and Airplane Single Engine Sea
Boeing 707/720 Type Rating

Flight Instructor:
Airplane Single and Multi Engine
Instrument Airplane

I’ve been lucky enough to have spent 8.5 years as an Air Force pilot. After pilot training at Reese AFB, TX, I was assigned to fly KC-135’s, for 3 years, in Okinawa, Japan. On my way to Okinawa I met a beautiful Air Force flight nurse, Nancy, who I managed to convince to marry me. Our oldest son Mark, was born in Okinawa, and in December ’08, he made his proud parents grandparents, thanks to a little help from his beautiful wife, Erika.

From Okinawa, we went to Vance AFB, Oklahoma, where I was an instructor pilot in the Cessna T-37, for four years. Our youngest son, Michael, was born in Oklahoma, so both of my sons qualify as "Okis".

For over twenty years we owned and operated "One Hour Moto Photo" film processing stores, in Denver. We sold these stores about five years ago and I became a realtor, with RE/MAX Southeast, in Denver.

I’ve always enjoyed flight instructing. I’ve felt it’s been my way of giving back for my own gift of wings, and love of flying. Because of my other commitments, I can typically only take on one to two students at a time. If you’d like to be one of them, please call, or email me, so we can meet. Learning to fly is a two way commitment and I want both of us to have a clear understanding of this relationship. My cell phone number is 720-838-0509 and you can email me at: mamber888@msn.com

Special offer: If you, or someone you know, would like to buy or sell a home with me, I’ll pay for some flying time for you. We might as well have fun with both of my passions.

I look forward to flying with you!

Contact Info

Mobile: (720) 838-0509
Email: mamber888@msn.com


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