Dave Plucker

Meet Dave Plucker

Pilot Certificates:
Commercial Pilot; Airline Transport Pilot

Flight Instructor:
Airplane Single and Multi-Engine
Instrument Airplane

Dave retired from Continental Airlines as a Captain flying the Boeing 767 and 757 on International and Domestic operations. He is type-rated on the Boeing 737, 757, 767, SA-227 Metroliner and flew as flight engineer on the Boeing 727 and Airbus A300. One of the most rewarding chapters of his life was as a bush pilot in the jungles of Mexico and Honduras.

"My goal is to get the student as excited as I am for a career in aviation, or to get their pilots license to just fly for fun. You'll learn what it takes to acquire the skills and gain experience to safely operate an airplane on your own, and before you know it, you'll be ready to pass your check ride. At this point you will have gained the experience and knowledge to go out of your own. The most influential person in helping nurture your desire to fly will be your first flight instructor. He/she will make the flight training process enjoyable, yet challenging. You will be taught at a pace suitable with your schedule, style and level of learning. I look forward to meeting you and setting up your flight training schedule. "

Contact Info

Phone: 303-905-3791
Email: dlplucker@me.com


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