Pilot Resource Library

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 Equipment Details Rental Rate
David Clark Headset Passive $3/Day
FARO Headset Passive $3/Day
FARO Headset ANR Noise Reducing $5/Day
Oxygen Bottle 6CF (Cubic Feet) $10/Day + $55 Refill fee (only if used)
Classroom Capacity: 30 People $100/first hour, $25/hour for every hour thereafter
  • Mountain AWOS (PDF)
  • Mountain Flying Syllabus (PDF)
  • Mountain Flying Risk Management (PDF)
  • Mountain Flying Test (PDF)
  • Aircraft Checkout Quiz (PDF)
  • Pre-Solo Exam (PDF)
  • Checklist – Student Solo Stage Check (PDF)
  • Checklist – Student Solo Cross Country Stage Check (PDF)
  • Checklist – Private Final Stage Check (PDF)
  • Checklist – Instrument Rating Final Stage Check (PDF) 
  • Towered Airport Radio Calls (PDF)
  • Operations at Non-Towered Airports (PDF)
  • ATC Reporting Points (PDF)
  • ATC Phrases (PDF)
  • V-Speeds (PDF)
  • Crosswind Table Data (PDF)
  • Calling for a Weather Briefing (PDF)
  • Winter Flying Tips (PDF)
  • Memorization Items Cessna 172N/P (PDF)
  • Practice Area Tutorial and Quiz (PDF)
  • Practice Area Map(PDF)
  • Takeoff and Landing Data Sheet – Single Engine (PDF)
  • Takeoff and Landing Data Sheet – Multi Engine (PDF)
  • TSA Information (PDF)