Michael Shannon

Meet Michael Shannon

Pilot Certificates:
Commercial Pilot - Airplane Single and Multi-Engine Land and Sea, Instrument Airplane. Private Glider.

Flight Instructor:
Airplane Single and Multi-Engine
Instrument Airplane

Other: Mountain

Michael is as passionate about flying as he is about teaching, therefore he found the perfect combination at Aspen Flying Club. He began his flying career while in college at the University of Colorado. Since then, he has flown on the East, West and South Coasts during his time as a Naval officer where he not only "Drove ships" but also flew.

Michael loves teaching all aspects of aviation from the Private Pilot, through the Instrument and Multi-engine, but particularly relishes the opportunity to share his thrill of Colorado's majestic mountains through a thorough and enlightening mountain flying course. Michael eagerly awaits your call to see how he can assist you in your pursuit of the aviation dream.

Contact Info

Phone: (303) 641-8363
Email: mpshannon1@hotmail.com


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