Introduction to Aerobatics

Aerobatics are a fun and challenging way to explore the true capabilities of both pilot and aircraft.

Learning to fly an aircraft in the three dimensions it’s capable of gives a whole new appreciation of aviation, flying, and aerodynamics. Aerobatics are a great way to expand a pilot’s abilities, and the experience gives greater confidence when operating any aircraft. Aerobatics with a qualified and experienced instructor is just as safe as flying any other aircraft. Aspen’s course is designed as a basic introduction to aerobatics.

The Course

Familiarization with the aircraft is the first phase of training; stalls, steep turns, and simulated engine out landings. The next phase is the first aerobatic maneuvers: aileron rolls and slow rolls. Extended inverted flight, rolling the aircraft upside down and hold it inverted is the next thrill. Each lesson will build skills on top of previous maneuvers. Within a few lessons, the name Max Immelmann will be familiar by knowing how to do the maneuver named for him. Chandelles, hammerheads, wingovers, spins, Cuban eights, Split S’s and loops soon become part of a pilot’s lexicon.

How much will it cost?

  Hours Xtreme Decathalon
Aircraft 5 $945
Instructor 7 $490
Total   $1,435